Posted by: veganearthlove | September 10, 2010

Why Love?

Because love is the best thing in this universe.

Compassion is what builds us, it strengthens us. We need love and compassion to become persons. Without love and compassion we are hollow, we are only bodies.

I see everyday animals without love (humans and non-humans alike) and I see those who are shown compassion and given love out of another’s heart.

Those who never get to feel any love or those who are severely lacking that exposure to compassion from another.. they do not become persons, they cannot realise their full potential. They are just animals, maybe they feel alone but maybe they just feel alive.

I see those who are shown love and kindess and acceptance and I see inside of them individual personalities and emotions and thoughts. I see in them the ability to harness that given love and create love for others. My cats, whom I love as if they were my own biological offspring, get to feel my love everyday and it shows. They each show me love in return as well and they have personalities. And they seek love.

You see, it is with love that we grow into beings, persons, personalities. It is through compassion, kindness and thoughtfulness that all animals flourish.

It is through love that we become happy and also unhappy. But without love and it’s parts we are simply here.


We need love to be all that we can be; all that we were meant to be.


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