Posted by: veganearthlove | October 10, 2010

Don’t forget your daily dose..

Being a Vegan is more than just not eating animals.

As a vegan you have the chance to do so much for the animals and the Earth.
Here are a few ways to get your daily dose of activism in with each day:

1 – why not try posting up some links on your blog or social networking site to reach out, it’s quick and easy

(most of the time a google search or a youtube search can come up with some interesting results, just pick a topic that you want to know more on and share!)

2 – researching is key! try to read something new about a vegan cause everyday so that you are more informed and can better inform others, because knowledge is power!

(try some of the links that I have listed on this blog – a lot of organisations also have information on their websites, usually on a facts page)

3 – pass on the facts – instead of telling other people where to go and making them angry (right away), always try handing out some literature about your cause to some open minded and even close minded people.. you never know what a good pamphlet could do..

But if that doesn’t work, harsher tactics may be used. I am in no way suggesting that you use violence.

4 – getting vegan outreach materials is EASY and free (click here). Make sure to use your materials in the most effective ways you can think of.

-so don’t just waste your stickers on clothing you may be wearing (1 time use), instead try putting them on your binders (if people see your binder-good for university)
-instead of handing them out to people, put them on “things” that are “visible to the public” (I am in no way suggesting that you vandalize public property). Try putting them on your car or your door.



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