Posted by: veganearthlove | October 26, 2010

Inside Factory Farming


From inside cramped cages and from sick, dieing animals.

1. A quick start

A quick but important read for anyone just starting to uncover the truths about factory farming.. (which means its great for beginners or people who don’t want to read as much, so pass it on!)

This article touches on:

  • egg production
  • bacon production
  • the sentient nature of all animals

To read the article: WSPA Inside Factory Farms

2. More information

Another brief article, with links for more information from the WSPA website. (Please note that I am viewing thiswith my location set in Canada, at the top of the screen you may switch your location)

This article touches on:

  • chickens
  • cows
  • pigs
  • foie gras (male duck liver) (females liver are too difficult to harvest due to being wrapped in veins)

To watch an important short undercover video: Inside the HORRORS of the Foie Gras Industry

This video shows the horrors seen in factory farms, including workers who choose to take ducks and murder them by violent means.. just because they WANT to kill them violently… Yea, I know.. it is insane.. BUT WHAT TYPE OF PEOPLE DID YOU THINK WORKED AT THESE MURDER FACTORIES? Nice, innocent people? Certainly, NOT! These people are, for lack of a better term, SEVERELY Psychologically “MESSED UP”.

“we were throwing away 1, 000 female ducks per week.. thrown into garbage cans..sometimes almost every duck would be alive [for days until died of starvation]”

“one of the workers killed them by bashing their heads on concrete posts”

To read the article: WSPA Farm Animal Welfare


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