About the blog

VeganEarthLove is not just about being eating vegan and loving the earth,

It is about change. It is about life. It is about you.

As a human being you have a responsibility; to care for the world. The world includes the solid earth we live on and all those that inhabit it. Being informed and knowing the truth about where your food comes from, the impact that your daily decisions have on global climate change, and knowing the truth about the government (what it tells you and what it lets happen) and the world we live in is the only way to live up to that responsibility.

But it isn’t hard because you don’t have to do it alone! The vegan community is large and fast growing. There are numerous organisations to help you (and for you to help back). And you know, the easiest way to get a helping hand is to inform and inspire others to be the change as well.

Please read this blog with an open mind and spirit. To love and to be loved that is the soul. No human is ever a person without being shown love. Love is how we grow. Love is the difference between a savage and a man.

You may be shocked at what you read and you may not believe some of the things you will learn about food, cannabis, animals and even people.

But the purpose of this blog is to make you question what you have been taught, so PLEASE argue in the comments, and PLEASE give your opinions, CITE websites and articles and please above all, LEARN.

You, a single person have a greater chance of making a change than any government body or institution. Because You have a power that no group has: you have the power to reach out and start the change.



  1. These are some good heartfelt words. I would like to get the time to respond more fully.

    Briefly, I’d like to challenge your use of the word “savage” as a negative descriptor. This word evokes a whole world of value judgments, European mistreatment of indigenous people, and racism. I understand the sentiment behind it but I think you should choose a better, more descriptive term. You’re certainly not alone in the use of this term, but I really think the animal advocacy movement would be better off without it.

    Take care,


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