Going Vegan!

*Please bear with us as we update this page daily with more product info and pictures*

Hey, so you want to go vegan?

Well, first off I would like to congratulate and thank you for making a decision that not only benefits yourself, the animals and the earth, but also helps others as well. As people notice you are vegan you have a power to inform them as well.

First things first. Veganize your space!

Any products that are not creulty-free MUST GO!

This includes:

  • leather, suede, furs, skins
  • products tested on animals
  • any meat or food with milk or eggs or animal bi-products

Next up, Shop Vegan!

After all that cleaning and refreshing you’re probably a little hungry so it’s time to go vegan grocery shopping.

It is very easy to shop vegan, as most stores have a vegan friendly aisle (or even multiple vegan aisles!). If you are lucky and you live close to an entire vegan store.. this is even better!

You may need to shop at a couple grocery stores to find all your groceries, but don’t fear, sometimes it takes going to a few stores to find which ones close to you have the most vegan options.

For example, I buy the majority of my groceries at my local Loblaws but I also shop at BulkBarn, Sobey’s and Metro.

Third up, Clean up Vegan!

After a long hard day of working or a long night of sleeping you will probably want to shower, but OH NO! Wait! Are you sure your shampoo is vegan and cruelty free?

Never worry, throw out all those old products and try some of these great cruelty free products:

  • Fruit Kicks down under (Never tested on animals, biodegradable, bottle recyclable)
  • More to come!

Fourth Step: Celebrate!

Go out and visit fairs, festivals, gatherings, clubs, and shops!

Get a vegan shirt and some buttons! Stickers are great for spreading the vegan message too!


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